Networking Consultation

Thinking about networking your computer system? With this consultation, let the experts help you determine the best design for a network in your office.

Add a Device to an Existing Network

Increase the flexibility of your network with this service which installs one (1) compatible electronic device on a wired or wireless network (such as an access point, print server, wireless range extender, game console, TiVO or Slingbox).

Standard Wireless Networking

Outfit your PC for wireless network connectivity with this standard wireless networking service Set up and configure one (1) device on the home computer’s wireless network connection with the ISP, connect a wireless router, update router firmware and enable wireless encryption.

Advanced Wireless Networking

Outfit your home network for advance wireless network connectivity with this advanced wireless networking service. Set up and configure the home computer’s wireless router and network connection with the ISP, enable wireless encryption, troubleshoot connectivity issues and network up to three (3) computers or devices.





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