PC Setup

Start off right; let the experts handle the initial set up of your computer (including monitor, keyboard, mouse and speaker, one (1) software application, one (1) external peripheral device, existing internet connection, and one (1) existing e-mail account).

Hardware Install

Looking to add another piece of hardware to your desktop computer? Let the experts help. This service installs and configures an internal or external PC component (such as graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner).

Memory Hardware Install

Need more power and speed from your computer? With this service you can install up to four (4) pieces of memory in a laptop or desktop computer.

New Network, Cable TV or Telephone Jack

Need to communicate from a new location in your office? Install a new jack inside your office with a run back to the structured wiring panel; test all lines and terminations. (Does not include additional electronics that may be needed in the structured wiring panel or drywall repairs.).





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