Run your business with confidence and make internet performance the least of your worries. Autophone of Laredo offers businesses fast and reliable internet products that fit every budget and every need.

Our competitive edge on speed and reliability are possible thanks to the following Autophone internet advantages:


Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy

Connectivity downtime means a costly interruption in your operations and a security liability.

Autophone works with the two main internet carriers that feed the Laredo greater area. Basically, this means that if one of them goes down, you will still have internet access from the other.


Asymmetrical Bandwidth

With our asymmetrical bandwidth you get to have bit of more leeway as to how you use your bandwidth. Autophone of Laredo gives you the option to choose if what need whether it be more download or upload speeds. Yes like other providers you will be sharing bandwidth with other subscribers in your area, with the exception that you will not be left with unusable internet package. We make sure everyone gets as close as possible to the bandwidth they are paying for. This type of bandwidth allows you to modify your service to your needs.


Dedicated Service

Without you probably being aware of this your internet provider splits out the bandwidth you are connected to with a large number of customers, which explains their low costs. This is justified by the idea that not all subscribers will be consuming bandwidth at the same time. However, internet providers oversubscribe their connection leaving you at times with almost dial-up speeds. Although this may be occasional, few businesses can afford even the occasional slow internet connection. With our dedicated service you get to have the certainty of same bandwidth speed for both upload and download.


Exclusive Service Areas

A specialty of Autophone of Laredo is providing broadband communication and internet service “off the beaten path” with state of the art radio connectivity. We cover selected Laredo and surrounding areas where others won’t or can’t.

If your company requires fast, reliable internet data or voice communications at remote field locations please view our coverage mapand give us a call.



A microwave link is a communications system that uses a beam of radio waves in the microwave frequency range to transmit information between two fixed locations on the earth. They are crucial to many forms of communication and impact a broad range of industries. One of the reasons microwave links are so adaptable is that they are broadband. That means they can move large amounts of information at high speeds.
Another important quality of microwave links is that they require no equipment or facilities between the two terminal points, so installing a microwave link is often faster and less costly than a cable connection. Finally, they can be used almost anywhere, as long as the distance to be spanned is within the operating range of the equipment and there is clear path (that is, no solid obstacles) between the locations. Microwaves are also able to penetrate rain, fog, and snow, which means bad weather doesn’t disrupt transmission.











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