Technology is complex. Our approach, simple

If the telecommunications structure of your business is falling short it can become a challenge for you to actually do business.  Autophone of Laredo specializes in offering businesses tailored internet, data and voice communication solutions that translate into increased productivity and peace of mind for our customers.


The question is not how much you are paying for your current internet service but how much you loose with the wrong service provider.


Unlike the competition, we know firsthand your business has specific requirements that cannot be addressed with cookie cutter answers. We speak your language and have the flexibility to adapt our sophisticated technological advancements and infrastructure to your particular concerns.


We are a phone call away to become your specialized technological advisors with faster response times and a primary focus on creating more efficient telecommunication systems for your business.



HISTORY-Years of Experience for Today’s Technologies

Autophone of Laredo has served the greater Laredo area for over 40 years.


Founded in 1972, Autophone of Laredo began as a Motorola dealership, specializing in mobile radio sales and service. Our experience in radio transmission evolved into the modern wireless networks and we have never ceased to move forward.


High priority, high security, and high-speed all define the requirements of today’s communications needs. Autophone of Laredo adapted standard radio infrastructure, such as transmission towers, emergency-power back-up systems, climate-controlled equipment rooms, and skilled service technicians to the modern demands of business.


Technology changes everyday but our reputation of superior quality and efficiency levels has remained steady for all these years.



VALUES-Traditional Values in a Modern Industry

Autophone of Laredo continues making business with the work ethics that few business maintain today. Our mindful personnel and attention to detail will assure you and your company are taken care of with our company’s cardinal values:


Respect, Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty.



We are a company dedicated to providing, with certified quality levels, integrated solutions of voice and data transfer and management through the efficient application of technology with the objective of increasing the productivity levels of the companies and raising their competitiveness level.



Be a leading company in the development, implementation and service of integrated solutions of voice and data transfer and management








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