Computer Maintenance


The preventive maintenance plan

covers hardware and software standard operating system, MS office, as well as any repairs equipment may require parts not included. Through this maintenance plan the owners eliminate the cost of having a designated person for the preventive maintenance, and responsibilities involved, such as legal employee benefits, bonuses, vacation time, profit sharing, etc. By using this maintenance plan the employer will receive a monthly bill for "services performed for corrective and preventive maintenance to computer equipment during the any month." The employer will not worry of any system failures that are covered in the plan, since they will receive prompt and efficient attention.


Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Software


 Cleaning CPU quarterly; clean the unit voltage source, range of processor, motherboard, CD/DVD unit, CPU fan, and heat sink.
Clean outside LCD/LED monitor.
Deleting temporary files.
Review and virus scanning.
Uninstall unused programs and segments.
Make disk scanning to find FAT damaged and / or loose strings.
Defragmenting and optimizing hard drive information.









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